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Day 1 of a Inktober/Witchtober prompt: Aries, my personal Zodiac sign.

another gemsona for that gemsona event being hosted on tumblr. this one's Mermaid Kyanite who technically should have a star on her because she's a Crystal Gem but oh well.

drew my Light Plum Pearl for this gemsona event on tumblr. she's debuting a new look since i'm finicky and her old outfit stopped appealing to me so we'll just say she got poofed off-screen or something.

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some older Silent Hill doodles!

i remade after accidentally deleting my old account. so if you followed my old blog feel free to follow this one again

James/Moths | 25+ | They/Them

i'm terrible at making intro posts but i occasionally draw for what it's worth.

Fandoms include but not limited to:

  • Mass Effect

  • Bloodborne

  • Sailor Moon

  • Magical Girl shows that aren't PMMM

  • Pok√©mon

  • She-Ra

  • DnD

  • Steven Universe

  • Borderlands

  • Silent Hill

  • Miraculous Ladybug